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Copyright 2015 ©  GreenWave Strategies

Message Tune-up


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Get a fresh perspective on your message and materials -- and an

expert tune-up. This quick, affordable service is designed to give your organization the greatest possible benefit for a small investment. It's a cost-effective way to improve your marketing, outreach and fundraising results... and a terrific starting point when time is tight.

GreenWave Strategies will:

1.)  Learn who you are and what you want to accomplish – now and over the long term.  Through our straightforward intake process, we’ll study your mission, vision, goals, opportunities, challenges.

2.)  Discuss your priorities and our questions.  This phone session with you gets to the heart of your needs and concerns – and focuses our attention where we can help you the most.

3.)  Evaluate your top 3 communication materials. 

You choose!

  • Website (home, about and donation pages)
  • Direct mail letter
  • Brochure
  • Social media posts
  • Press release
  • Newsletter
  • Annual report
  • Video
  • Blog
  • Other TBD

4.)  Provide specific recommendations.
We’ll address your pressing questions and give you our specific recommendations to improve your materials – and your results.

Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts - Conservation Excellence Conference, Denver, CO
Our Seminars:  

"On Common Ground: Connecting with Supporters, Building Community"

Carolyn Brown led an interactive workshop to strengthen listening skills, identify common ground and establish trusting relationships.

"When Story Meets Strategy: The Birth of an Effective Communication Program"
Carolyn Brown introduced participants to a new paradigm in  communications that integrates strategy and vivid stories and a practical planning tool so that land trusts and other organizations can achieve their on-the-ground goals much more easily and effectively. 

  • To request a customized seminar for your staff and/or board, please contact us. 

National Land Conservation Conference

Our Seminar:

Practical Planning for Irresistible Communcation

Carolyn Brown and David Allen shared strategies for using the best of the old tools and new to create a strong community of people who CARE about -- and for -- the land you love. 

About Land Trust Alliance
The Land Trust Alliance brings its more than 1,100 member land trusts together — and increases each one’s success. They advocate for the policies and incentives needed to save millions of acres every year. They’re the go-to source for training for people who work in conservation — so land trusts get more done. They back up land trusts when the places they promise to protect are threatened. And, they support land trusts in connecting more people with the land.

About the National Land Conservation Conference

Rally is packed with diverse topics, colleagues and friends to learn and share with, and the resources to take conservation skills further. In October, 2015, Rally was held in Sacramento, CA, where GreenWave Strategies founder Carolyn Brown led a seminar on communication planning in partnership with land trust fundraising expert David Allen (Development for Communications).