Carolyn Brown founded GreenWave Strategies in 2005. Both visionary and entrepreneurial, Carolyn is known for aiming high and finding practical ways to get there. Her approach draws on a broad range of experience in communication, marketing, media, public affairs and finance. Her work has benefited Flex Your Power, Sustainable Conservation, National Geographic TV, Fairmont Hotels, WildEarth Guardians, Save the Bay, Bioneers, Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Alta Energy and numerous start-up companies.

She has brought little-known environmental organizations to visible positions of credibility and influence. She has launched public awareness campaigns, consumer products and eco-friendly business services through a combination of communications, advertising, public relations and marketing.

Prior to working full-time for the Earth, she served as Bank of America's Vice President for Government Relations where she handled a wide range of environmental, public and corporate issues, and co-authored the company's ground-breaking Environmental Principles in 1992. Her media experience encompasses both the editorial and publishing sides, working with National Geographic TV's "The Legend of Mick Dodge," EcoTalk radio, Bay Nature magazine, Common Ground, Yogi Times and a "Dummies" book.

She earned an A.B. from Princeton University in Politics and Economics, magna cum laude, and an M.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.


GreenWave Strategies assembles the ideal team of talented professionals for each project, and manages the team to deliver cost-effective results. We collaborate closely with our clients and  tap specialists when needed in areas such as: graphic design, major donor fundraising, web design and production; video production; email marketing and search engine optimization. 

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