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PlantRight:  Launched a campaign to inspire California gardeners and the horticulture industry to phase out invasive plants.

Local Government Sustainable Energy Coaltion:  Created new identity, website, eNewsletter and print materials for local governments committed to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Earthbody Alive:  Created branding and program strategy for a system of practices that reconnect people with the Land and rewild their lives.

Save the Bay:  Repositioned 40-year-old organization and set it on the path to becoming a well-known, effective leader. 

Up2yoga:  Launched one of the first online/mobile yoga ventures.

Realty Advocates:  Repositioned real estate agency and publicized their commitment to walkable communities, green building and sustainable energy. 

Branding and Advertising

41pounds.org:  Launched service to stop junk mail, in partnership with premier environmental organizations.